Bespoke Private Sector Industry Training (consumer, agriculture, construction, corporate, law firm)

Public Sector Training (NHS, Government, Non-profits and civil society)​

  • Training Online and in-person 

  • Day workshops 

  • Available at senior, mid, and staff/employee levels

  • Bulk packages available for 20+ attendees

  • SME training packages

  • Certified


  • Policy, Research, Project and Advocacy for government, local government, NGOs, UN bodies and the World Bank.

  • Assistance to prevent exploitation in business supply chain

  • Risk consulting and due diligence checks

  • Review and update of corporate governance and company constitution to mitigate risks in the supply chain

  • Training management, HR and procurement on methods of prevention and active tools to prevent systemic causes of modern slavery within the supply chain

  • Rates vary depending on the extent and complexity of the supply chain.

  • SME packages available

  • Please get in touch with our team to find out more about our fees at